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A Missouri DMV practice test is a useful resource you may find helpful as you study for the written knowledge exam you must pass to earn your learner’s permit. Passing this exam is the first step on the road to obtaining your driver’s license, so it is important to complete it successfully as soon as possible. With a practice test, such as the one offered on DMV.com, you can get practice with the testing format you will encounter on test day while ensuring you have studied the proper materials.

The DMV.com test is accompanied by an MO DMV study guide, which is another invaluable study tool that can help you to pass the written exam and to prepare you for the next step, the road skills test. This guide focuses on the topics you will be tested on in organized sections and is a helpful supplement to the state’s driving manual. Before you visit a local Driver’s Examination station to take your written exam, it is important to feel confident and prepared for your test. To find out more about how a practice driving test and study guide can help you get ready, review the following information.

What are the benefits of taking a Missouri DMV practice test?

A Missouri permit practice test can help you throughout your studying process because it allows you to assess how much you have learned. With this resource, you can identify topics you need to study more in-depth and the ones you understand well. Simply using the state’s driving manual to study may not be as effective. Seven out of 10 test-takers fail the written DMV test on their first try. Therefore, it is important to consult additional resources when studying.

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The MO DMV permit practice test from DMV.com can make your study time more effective because it allows you to better understand test format and the concepts you will be tested on. You are five times more likely to pass the written test after taking the DMV.com premium practice test. Utilizing this study tool when preparing for the exam can help ensure you pass on your first attempt, saving you time, money and frustration.

What is included in DMV.com’s Missouri drivers license practice test?

The DMV.com Missouri drivers permit practice test includes 50 multiple-choice and true or false questions. The questions included cover state-specific topics you may encounter when taking the written knowledge exam. Some of the questions you will see on the practice test include the following:

  • What is the first thing drivers should do when their vehicles start to skid?
  • What is the name of the form that drivers must submit to the Missouri Department of Revenue if they have a medical condition that affects their driving?
  • How much money do drivers have to pay to get their driver’s license reinstated?
  • What color are motorist service signs in Missouri?
  • What must drivers do before traveling over a railroad crossing?

The answer key for the DMV.com practice test is located at the bottom of the document. This allows you to complete the test in its entirety before checking your answers.

Missouri Drivers License Test Rules and Requirements

The driving test questions in MO that you will encounter on the written exam are related to many topics introduced in the state’s driving manual. There are 25 questions on the written test, all of which are multiple-choice. You must answer at least 20 of these questions correctly, obtaining a score of at least 80 percent, to pass the exam. The test will cover state driving laws and you cannot use any books or other resources while taking it. If you have special needs or want to request the written exam in a language other than English, you must notify the specific Missouri State Highway Patrol (MSHP) Driver Examination station you plan to visit beforehand.

The DMV.com Missouri permit test study guide is also a helpful study component to utilize as you prepare for the driving skills exam. You can only take this exam after you have successfully passed the written and vision exams. The driving test is two parts and includes an examination of your ability to identify road signs and your ability to safely operate a vehicle. It is the last exam you must successfully complete to earn your driver’s license.

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How to Pass a Driving Test in Missouri

The MO DMV test questions you will encounter on the written exam are designed to ensure you have basic knowledge of traffic laws and safe driving techniques. The written exam may include questions about the state’s driving laws, road sign identification and violations that may be implemented after breaking certain traffic laws.

The DMV.com Missouri drivers test study guide can be used to prepare for the road signs and driving skills tests since it covers driving preparation skills and identifying signs or pavement markings. When you attend the driving test, be prepared to show you can safely:

  • Start and stop the vehicle.
  • Back up.
  • Parallel park at a curb.
  • Make two right turns and two left turns.
  • Park on a hill.
  • Enter and exit intersections.
  • Comprehend and obey traffic signs and signals.
  • Keep a safe distance behind the vehicle in front of you.

What is included in DMV.com’s Missouri drivers test study guide?

The MO road signs test study guide includes condensed and easy-to-read information on identifying traffic signs and signals, as well as other important concepts you must know for your tests. By including this information in organized sections that are shorter than what you will encounter in the complex driving manual, you may find it easier to grasp the topics and material presented. Some of the most important sections that are included in the study guide are:

  • Traffic lights and signs.
  • Rules of the road.
  • Lane control.
  • Safe driving guidelines.
  • Pavement markings.
  • Turn signals.
  • Driving while intoxicated.
  • Parking.
  • Driving in inclement weather.
  • Driving tips.

How to Use DMV.com’s Missouri Drivers Permit Practice Test and Study Guide

There are many study techniques you can employ when using the DMV.com Missouri drivers license practice test and study guide. For example, with the practice test, you can:

  • Quiz yourself on each question. If it is your first time using the test, go through the questions one by one and check the answers as you go. This can help you to use the test as a study tool to ensure you understand the material and feel comfortable with the format.
  • Identify material you need to focus on. Taking the practice test can help you to understand the topics you are not fully comprehending. Once identified, you can spend extra time studying these topics with the guide and driving manual.
  • Take the test multiple times. You can go through the test several times in a row to ensure you are understanding the answers to the questions. By taking the test multiple times, you can see what areas you are improving on and the areas you still need to study more.

The DMV.com MO learners permit study guide can be used to supplement the driving manual. Since it offers condensed sections on important material, including illustrations of road signs, you may find it easier to use as a study tool to grasp complex concepts. Using this guide in conjunction with the practice test can help you to get more out of the studying time you set aside to ensure you have mastered the topics you will encounter on the exam.

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Free DMV Practice Tests in Missouri

Free DMV practice tests in Missouri may be available online or through third-party providers. If you use these free tests as study tools, it is important to ensure they are state-specific and cover the topics that you know will be included on the exams you must take to earn your permit or license with the Department of Revenue (DOR).

The DMV.com MO leaners permit practice test is helpful when studying because it only quizzes you on crucial material that you may encounter on the test. With 50 questions, it basically encompasses two actual knowledge exams and mimics the testing format. This can make you feel more comfortable and confident with your ability to pass the exam on test day. With limitless re-takes, the ability to be utilized on multiple devices and a wide variety of questions, the DMV.com practice test can help ensure you are prepared to take on your exams and pass them on your first attempt.

How to Schedule a Drivers License Test in Missouri

A DMV driving test appointment in Missouri is not necessary if you are ready to take the written or driving exams. There is at least one MSHP Driver Examination station located in each county throughout the state. Before you arrive to take your exam, you should confirm the station’s hours and the time that the station will accept the last test-taker. Most stations will only allow you to start an exam at least one hour before closing time.

The ability to complete the exam is also based on the personnel available at the driver testing locations and the number of test applicants who have already checked in. A list of Driver Examination stations is available on the MSHP website. Keep in mind, most stations are closed on federal holidays.

What to Bring to a Driving Test in Missouri

You cannot bring the MO drivers license study guide, driving manual or other resources with you into an exam. However, you should bring certain items with you when you visit the Driver Examination station, including:

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  • Proof of name, date of birth and birth place.
    • Passport
    • Birth certificate
    • Certificate of citizenship
    • Military card
  • Social Security Number.
    • Verbally
    • Social Security card
    • Letter from Social Security Administration (SSA)
  • Proof of Missouri residency.
    • Utility bill
    • Pay check stub
    • Government check
    • Mortgage document
    • Voter registration card
    • Property tax receipt
    • Housing rental agreement
    • Mailed bank statement
  • Payment for applicable fees.
    • Cash
    • Personal or cashier’s check
    • Money order
    • Debit card
    • Credit card (Visa, Discover, Mastercard or American Express)

Missouri DMV Driving Test Fees

The learner’s permit and driver’s license fees are based on your age and class. These issuance fees include exam fees and are as follows:

  • Instruction Permit Class E (18 years of age): $3.50/Valid for one year
  • Instruction Permit Class F (16 years of age): $3.50/Valid for one year
  • Instruction Permit Duplicate (18 years of age): $3.50
  • Intermediate License Class F (16 years of age): $10/Valid for two years
  • Driver’s License Class E (18 years of age): $17.50/Valid for three years
  • Driver’s License Class F (18 years of age): $10/Valid for three years

Missouri Practice Test Forms

Note: DMV forms change regularly. The forms provided above are current based on the date of writing.

Last updated on Monday, March 2 2020.


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How many questions are on the Missouri DMV test? ›

Driver License (Class F) If you are applying for a Class F (operator) license, you must take a 25 question multiple-choice written test. The questions will be on the laws and methods of driving covered in this Guide. The test is NOT an open book test.

How do I pass my permit test in Missouri? ›

You will only pass the exam if you answer at least 20 of the 25 questions correctly. If you need to make more than one attempt, you can even try again on the same day, as you can retest an unlimited amount of times.

How hard is the Missouri permit test? ›

Is the Missouri DMV Permit Test Hard? Yes, don't expect to pass the permit test if you do not study properly. As mentioned, over 50% fail the permit test in Missouri - making it one of the most difficult in the nation.

How many questions are in the Missouri permit test 2023? ›

The written test has 25 multiple-choice questions, and you must answer 20 of them correctly to get the passing score you need to receive your permit.

How many times can you take Missouri drivers test? ›

You may try again as early as the next business day. However, if you fail the test 3 times, you won't be able to take it again without written authorization from the Department of Revenue.

What is the lowest passing score driving test Missouri? ›

While every driving test is unique because it requires you to drive on roads with licensed drivers at whatever time you choose to take the test (meaning you do not take the test in a controlled environment), you need to score at least a 70 out of 100 to receive your license.

What should I study for a Missouri permit test? ›

To pass your Missouri permit test, you are expected to know Missouri traffic laws, road signs, and rules for safe driving. All material will be taken from the Missouri Driver's License manual, which is what our FREE DMV practice test questions are based on.

How many mistakes are allowed on permit test Missouri? ›

To test your knowledge of traffic laws, you will need to take a written test of 25 multiple-choice questions. Studying this guide will prepare you for that test. You must correctly answer 20 questions to pass the test.

How many times can you take the permit test in one day in Missouri? ›

The Missouri DOR allows driver applicants to retake the learners permit test as many times as necessary, though you might be asked to come back the next day to retake the learners permit test. If you score 20/25 on the test, you will receive your Missouri learners permit.

What state has the hardest permit test? ›

Washington state has one of the toughest driving tests in the country. According to the state Department of Licensing, passing rates for the knowledge test are around 46% at DOL offices. A study by personal-injury law firm Siegfried & Jensen suggests Washington is the most difficult state to get a license.

How much does it cost to take your permit test in Missouri? ›

Permit/Driver License/Nondriver ID Fees (Fee Chart in PDF Format Document)
Type of DocumentValid up to 1 year
Instruction Permit
*Class A, B, or C Minimum age 18$16
Class E Minimum age: 18$7
Class F Minimum age: 15$7
14 more rows

What does the permit test look like in Missouri? ›

The driver examination consists of a four-part test: a written test, a vision test, a road sign test, and a driving test. The questions on the written knowledge test will be based on information taken from the Missouri Driver's Manual.

Is Missouri driving test easy? ›

The thought of taking your Missouri road test may make you nervous. Preparation is the key to successfully pass the exam, and knowing what to expect is essential to a solid preparation process. It's a tough exam with a high failure-rate, so it's important that you prepare for it correctly.

What is the best day to go to the DMV in Missouri? ›

Mondays tend to attract those who want to get in early and get it over with, while Fridays are usually reserved for those who take the days off or are heading to the DMV on their way back from work. If your local DMV is open on the weekend, it is never wise to visit during this time either.

Can I get my license at 21 without a permit in Missouri? ›

Do you still have to get your driving permit in Missouri in order to obtain your full driver's license even if you're over the age of 21? No. The State of Missouri has a Graduated Drivers License Law that only applies to those between the ages of 15 and 18.

What is the best time to take the driving test? ›

Between 9am and 11am is generally a decent time to take a driving test because it's outside of rush hour and avoids the traffic increase in the run-up to lunchtime.

Can you fail parallel parking and still pass in Missouri? ›

Parallel Parking

It is fine to touch the curb, but don't roll over it. Even if you get points taken off for not successfully parallel parking your car, as long as you don't hit a car or the curb too forcefully, you should still pass your test.

Does Missouri require parallel parking? ›

In the state of Missouri you are required to parallel park for the purposes of your driver's test.

What happens if you fail the mo driving test three times? ›

If you fail the drive test 3 times, you will be required to reapply and pay all applicable application fees.

Is it against the law to drive in the passing lane in Missouri? ›

Once you have completed the pass, Missouri law REQUIRES you to return to the right lane. It is not legal or safe to continuously drive in the left lane. As far as overtaking vehicles is concerned, make sure you are in a safe passing zone. Missouri Revised Statute 304.016 addresses the passing laws.

Can a 16 year old driver have passengers in Missouri? ›

Driving Restrictions:

After the first 6 months, you may not operate a motor vehicle with more than three passengers who are under 19 years old and who are not members of your immediate family.

Who needs a Class E license in Missouri? ›

A Class E driver's license is required when contracted with or employed with a school district to provide transportation services in a vehicle that transports less than 16 including the driver (Department of Revenue). A school bus (S) endorsement is also required on the Class E license.

What percent do you need to pass your drivers test in Missouri? ›

What to expect on the actual MO DOR exam
How many questions25
How many correct answers to pass20
Passing score80%
Minimum age to apply for Class F Instruction Permit15

Where do you take the Missouri permit test? ›

Where do I go to get my instruction permit? You must first go to a Missouri State Highway Patrol examination station to take the written, vision and road sign recognition tests. You must then take your Driver Examination Record to a Missouri license office to apply and pay for your instruction permit.

At what age do you have to retake your driving test in Missouri? ›

Time limits: Drivers age 70 and older must renew in person every three years; those ages 21 to 69 must renew every six years. Drivers under age 21 must also renew every three years.

Do you need your birth certificate to get your license in Missouri? ›

a copy of U.S. Birth Certificate issued by a state or local government. the applicant's status. If you have a Name Change: Present one of the documents below showing your current name.

What counts as proof of residency in Missouri? ›

residence address.

Utility Bill (Phone, Water, Gas, Electric, Trash or Sewer, Etc.) For persons under 21 years of age only, a parent or legal guardian may provide a document in their name and address and a statement that the applicant resides in their household.

Which state has the easiest permit test? ›

South Dakota has the easiest driving test of any state, followed by Ohio and New York, the study found. A look at the states with the hardest and easiest driving tests to pass.

What state is the easiest to get a license? ›

Ohio is one of the easiest driver's license to get in the United States, study finds | WSYX.

What is the world record for most failed driving tests? ›

Indeed, Cha Sa-soon, age 69, estimated that it cost her well over $10,000 to finally pass the South Korea drivers' test. Of course, she took it 960 times before finally passing in 2010 and now holds the world's record for most failed attempts.

Do you have to get your permit first in Missouri? ›

Teens (under the age of 18) must first obtain a Missouri Learner's Permit (also called an “Instruction Permit”) Teens must then obtain an Intermediate Driver's License. After completion of Steps 1 and 2, your Teen can obtain a Missouri Under-21 Full Driver's License.

Can you test drive a car with a permit in Missouri? ›

Yes, you can test drive cars with a permit.

What class is a permit license in Missouri? ›

For-Hire License (Class E) — Eligible Age: 18

You must also pass the vision and road sign tests. If you already have a Class F license, a driving test is not required. However, you must still meet the “under 21 requirements” (see page 21) for a full license if you apply for a Class E license at age 18.

Can you drive alone with a learner's permit in Missouri? ›

While operating on an instruction permit, a driver who is less than 16 years of age is restricted to operating only with a parent, legal guardian, grandparent, qualified driving instructor, a person who is at least 25 years of age who has been licensed for a minimum of 3 years and has received written permission from ...

How many road signs are on the Missouri permit test? ›

The exam will have 16 street signs test questions, of which 80% must be answered correctly. To earn a pass on this quiz, we ask that 16 correct permit test answers are provided.

How many times can you fail the Missouri drivers test? ›

Additionally, you can only fail the driving test three times before having to renew your permit, and you'll have to get an authorized letter from the Department. Similarly, if you fail to retake the test within 90 days of the first test, you'll have to start the process all over again.

What is the easiest driving test in the world? ›

Bangladesh has the easiest driving theory test, which consists of just 9 questions.

What day is slowest at DMV? ›

If you want to get in and out of the DMV in the shortest time possible, go:
  • Bright and early when the DMV opens.
  • Before the lunch hour, before noon.
  • During the middle of the week (Tuesday-Thursday)
  • During the middle of the month.

What's on the Missouri driver's test? ›

You will be tested for: • Understanding and obeying the traffic signs and lights. Your speed when approaching an intersection. Your awareness of the traffic around you. Driving in the correct lane.

What is the least busy times at the DMV? ›

Everywhere is busier on weekends. The middle of the week: Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday. Don't go right before or right after a holiday. People try to do errands (like renewing their license) right before leaving town for a holiday or right when they get home.

Can you drive at 14 in Missouri? ›

Missouri Learner's Permit Laws and Regulations

A teenager can obtain an instruction permit at 15 years of age. The instruction permit will allow the teen driver to be accompanied in the front seat by a licensed driver.

Can I drive without my license on me in Missouri? ›

In short, if you intend to operate a motor vehicle, the law requires you to have your license with you. If you are contacted by the police while operating a motor vehicle, and you can't produce a valid license, you “could” be issued a summons. Remember, always drive safely and obey all traffic laws.

Do you need car insurance to take drivers test Missouri? ›

As you may already be aware, you must show proof of an active auto insurance policy when applying for your MO driver's license and taking the road test.

What is the passing score for the Missouri driving written test? ›

The written knowledge test for Missouri consists of 25 multiple-choice questions pulled from the 2023 Missouri Driver's Guide. To pass the exam, you'll need to score an 80% or higher, by answering at least 20 questions correctly.

What tests are at the DMV Missouri? ›

The driver examination consists of a four-part test: a written test, a vision test, a road sign test, and a driving test. The questions on the written knowledge test will be based on information taken from the Missouri Driver's Manual.

What do you need to take written drivers test in Missouri? ›

Proof of Identity; Date of Lawful Status; Proof of Social Security number; Proof of Missouri residential address; and.

How do I take my written drivers test in Missouri? ›

You must first go to a Missouri State Highway Patrol examination station to take the written, vision and road sign recognition tests. You must then take your Driver Examination Record to a Missouri license office to apply and pay for your instruction permit.

How long do you have to have your permit to get your license in Missouri? ›

You must have an instruction permit for a minimum of 182 days (beginning the day after issuance). You may not have any alcohol-related convictions in the last 12 months and no traffic convictions within the last 6 months.

How much is a drivers license in Missouri? ›

Permit/Driver License/Nondriver ID Fees (Fee Chart in PDF Format Document)
Type of DocumentValid up to 6 years
Driver License
*Class A, B, or C Minimum age: 18$52
*Class A, B, or C Age 70 or older with “S” endorsement – Requires annual skills testing for renewal.
Class E Minimum age: 18$42
14 more rows


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